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Production Process

Brass Tubes and Pipes > Arsenic Brass Tubes For Sugar Industries
Arsenic Brass Tubes For Sugar Industries
Arsenic Brass Tubes
Product application Areas :
Sugar Industry

Characteristics :
A Copper and Zinc Alloy containing small amount of Arsenic. This is added as an inhibitor against dezincification. The alloy exhibits a good combination of strength and ductility and is commonly selected whenever excellent cold working properties, bright finish and relatively low cost are desirable. Severe environment must be considered to predict corrosion behaviour. The alloy is often used for variety of deep drawn components.

Chemical Composition
Cu 68.0 to 71.5
Zn rem.
Pb 0.07 max
Fe 0.05 max
Related Standards
KS D 5301
C 2600
JIS H3300
C 2600
BS 2871
C 128
DIN 17660


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